Course Description

Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics imparts training to the medical cadets of 3rd phase of MBBS course. The main objective of the department is to teach medical cadets about detail knowledge of history, source, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics of the drugs and their interactions. Medical cadets are also engaged to acquire therapeutic knowledge during placement in different wards of the hospital. One year Pharmacology course items are divided into two terms. Total allocation of teaching hours for the subjects is 200 hours. Out of which100 hours for theoretical lectures, 30 hours for tutorial classes, 50 hours for practical/demonstration classes and the rest 20 hours for clinical case report/assignment with presentation. Besides, students of 3rd phase of MBBS course are allowed to remain present in different wksps/seminars related to drug. Visits to different well reputed pharmaceutical companies are arranged for their practical knowledge medicine.