Governing Body

1. Area Comd and GOC 55 Inf Div Chairman
2. Representative of Health ministry / Health Directorates Member
3. Chief Administrator, Army Medical College Jessore Member
4. Adviser Specialist, CMH Jessore Member
5. Comd,21 Inf Bde Member
6. Sta Comd,Sta HQ Jessore Member
7. Dean, Faculty of Medical Science, BUP Member
8. Principal,Jessore Medical College Member
9. Principal,Ad-Din Medical College, Jessore Member
10. Principal,Army Medical College Jessore Member
11. ADMS, HQ 55 Inf Div Member
12. Col Admin, Aera HQ Jessore Member
13. CO, CMH Jessore Member
14. Civil Surgeon, Jessore Member
15. 1 X Guardian representative Member