Governing Body

1.Area Comd and GOC 55 Inf DivChairman
2.Representative of Health ministry / Health DirectoratesMember
3.Chief Administrator, Army Medical College JessoreMember
4.Adviser Specialist, CMH JessoreMember
5.Comd,21 Inf BdeMember
6.Sta Comd,Sta HQ JessoreMember
7.Dean, Faculty of Medical Science, BUPMember
8.Principal,Jessore Medical CollegeMember
9.Principal,Ad-Din Medical College, JessoreMember
10.Principal,Army Medical College JessoreMember
11.ADMS, HQ 55 Inf DivMember
12.Col Admin, Aera HQ JessoreMember
13.CO, CMH JessoreMember
14.Civil Surgeon, JessoreMember
15.1 X Guardian representativeMember