Course Description

Forensic Medicine deals with interaction of medicine and law. The study of this subject requires basic understanding of all branches of medical science and also an insight into the mechanism of law and legal procedure. This subject enables the judiciary to come to legal decisions both civil and criminals with the help of medical knowledge made comprehensible to it by medical persons.

Study of Forensic Medicine starts on 2nd phase. This course offers 195 hours out of which 80 hours for theoretical lectures and the rest 115 hours for practical classes & integrated teaching/assignment. The course will be evaluated by 2nd Professional Examination

At the end of the course in Forensic Medicine, the undergraduate student will be able to:

Examine and prepare reports or certificates in Medico-legal cases / situations in accordance with the law of the land
Perform medico-legal postmortem and interpret autopsy findings and results of other relevant investigations to logically conclude about the cause, manner and time since death.
Practice and apply medical ethics, etiquette, duties, rights, medical negligence and legal responsibilities of the physicians towards patient, profession, society, state and humanity at large
Identify & apply relevant legal/ court procedures applicable to the medico-legal/ medical practice
collect, preserve and dispatch specimens in medico-legal/ postmortem cases and other concerned materials to the appropriate government agencies for necessary examination.
Diagnose apply principles of therapy & understand medico-legal implications of common poisons.
Apply general principles of analytic, environmental, occupational and preventive aspects of toxicology