Course Description

Community Medicine is about a system of delivery of comprehensive health care (preventive, promotive, curative & rehabilitative) to the people by a health team in order to improve the health of the community. It deals with population or groups rather than individual patients. It is concerned with identification and assessment of health needs of the people, health problems affecting them and to devise appropriate measures (planning, organization, delivery and evaluation of health care services) to meet these requirements as best as possible with the available resources. Community Medicine is thus a bridge between public health and clinical medicine. Successful implementation of a community health program under the leadership of a doctor depends on the mutual co-operation among all grades of health personnel, social workers, community leaders connected with the program and the common team spirit exhibited by them.
Doctors should be prepared to build up an effective partnership for health. It has now been realized that medical education should include knowledge about behavioral science. Such knowledge will enable medical students to appreciate human behavior better and to understand how different cultures influence health & illness. This will prepare doctors to deal more effectively the diseases and human sufferings.
Study of Community Medicine starts on 1st phase with 5 hours of Integrated teaching on Behavioral Science and Health Communication. In 2nd phase the comprehensive course will continue for 01 year with 110 hours of lectures, 160 hours of tutorials and 30 days of CBME (Community Based Medical Education). The course will be evaluated by 2nd Professional Examination.

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

Provide comprehensive health care to the people
Deliver primary health care and essential services package
Conduct epidemiological studies on common health problems
Provide health care with appropriate attitudes
Work as a member of health team
Co-ordinate with national and international health organizations and national health programmes