Course Description

Biochemistry deals with the chemical language of life and living processes. The scope of biochemistry is as vast as life itself. Every aspect of life – birth, growth, reproduction, aging and death involves biochemistry. Every moments of life is packed with hundreds of bio-chemical reactions. Advances in biochemistry have tremendous impact on understanding of health and diseases in humans. Applications of the knowledge of biochemistry in the laboratory for the diagnosis of diseases; in the manufacture of products (like insulin, growth hormone, interferon etc) from genetic engineering; and in the possible use of gene therapy have tremendously benefited mankind and their living styles. The course emphasizes the basic and applied aspects of biochemistry as it relates to the clinical medicine.
Department of Biochemistry offers 380 hours course during 1st phase (1½ years) of MBBS course including Lecture 140 hours, Tutorial 120 hours and Practical 120 hours. The course will be evaluated by 1st Professional Examination.
At the end of the course in Biochemistry the students should be able to:
Demonstrate basic knowledge on major biomolecules, enzymes, hormones and nutrients and of fundamental chemical principles involved in body mechanism upon which life process depends.
Demonstrate skills in performing and interpreting Bio-chemistry laboratory tests and procedures with emphasis on those used in Bangladesh.
Demonstrate skills in using the modern biochemical appliances.
Equip themselves with requisite knowledge for higher studies and research.
Develop sound attitude towards the need for continuing self education.